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Carryboy SRL

Bed Liner

Cabin :
CB-920 for ISUZU D-MAX Double Cab Bedliner Price: 190 Euro + Tva
INELE DE ANCORARE for ISUZU D-MAX Tie-Down Fixture • Non-drill rail mounting system • Good loading strength • Fits Proform Over-Rail Liners Price: 65 Euro + Tva
SPORTGUARD for ISUZU D-MAX SPORTGUARD™ is the ultimate vehicle enhancement. Formed to fit the contours of your pickup truck the SPORTGUARD™ offers seamless integration with the truck bed.SPORTGUARD™ ships in one box and is simple and intuitive to fit. With 5-pieces that snap-fit together, it is quick and easy to install and can be fitted without drilling holes in the bed or requiring any specialised tools. All fitting components come in one box, making packing and shipping simple. The sectional construction mean that side walls are rigid and robust, providing great impact protection, while the rubberised floor panel is cushioned giving a softer and non-skid surface that protects both the integrity and painted surface of your pickup truck bed. Price:

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