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Carryboy SRL

Roof pack

Cabin :
THULE ConduitBox for NISSAN NAVARA This is the perfect solution for safely and conveniently transporting pipes. Constructed in brushed stainless steel, it has double openings to make loading and unloading your pipes easy. The box closes up using lockable snaplocks. Takes pipes up to 3 metres long. Price:
THULE ProBar for NISSAN NAVARA The load bar with a unique tri-slot design for fitting of multiple accessories Price:
THULE SlideBar for NISSAN NAVARA The unique, premium load bar with Bi-directional sliding functionality, for easiest possible loading Price:
THULE SquareBar for NISSAN NAVARA Traditional square load bars in steel with black, plastic coating Price:
THULE Suport de scara din aluminiu for NISSAN NAVARA Thule Ladder Tilt 311 is a smart ladder transport solution that enables you to load your ladders ontothe roof of your vehicle without straining your back.Designed with an innovative extender function that tilts down along the side of the vehicle, making loading and unloading remarkably quick, easy and safe. A ratchet mechanism with a wide and durable rubber strap ties down the ladder comfortably and safely. Load capacity: 100 kgs Price:
THULE WingBar for NISSAN NAVARA The most silent and safe load bar Price:

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