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LED Daytime running light (DRL)

Available for Audi A4, BMW M3 ('91-'98), BMW Seria3 ('05-'08), BMW Seria5 ('04-'07), Mercedes C-Class ('07-'10), Nissan Navara, VW Golf 4 ('99-'04), VW Golf 5 ('04-'08)

1. Increases the visibility of the vehicle during daylight conditions
2. it doesn't interfere the car radio or other electronic parts
3. it doesn't require any modifications or drill work because it fits the bumper perfectly
4. it requires the installation of a driver

2.jpg2010 corolla.jpg6.jpgBW001_E36_M3.jpgBW003_BMW_E90.JPGM_BW001_2_W204.jpgdl-bz001-1 c class with e class led light style.jpg1.jpg4.jpg5.jpg7.jpgAUDI_A4.JPGdf-ty046-lamp 1.jpgdl-ty064 car.jpggolf 5 gti with daylight.jpgtoyota land cruiser fj200.jpg

Price: 180 Euro + TVA

LED Daytime running light (DRL) installation

Product Features:

  1. LED Daytime running light provides you with a decisive safety leap in road traffic, and helps prevent 58% of accidents.
  2. Faster reaction time for driver’s cautious.
  3. Use high power LED which service time is 30 times longer than halogen bulbs.
  4. Lower electrical / fuel consumption for energy saving.
  5. DRL are approved in accordance with ECE R87 regulation. Some models are also approved in accordance with ECE R7 for position light function.
  6. Aluminum housing design as heat sink to ensure LED to have the best operating temperature & lift time.
  7. Multi function driver is designed with circuit protection to prevent LED damage from high voltage impact. It also allows you to perform the function you like. It includes the following functions.
    • DRL only (DRL on when the ACC/Ignition is on, when the lighting system is on, DRL will be off),
    • DRL with Position light function, (when the lighting system is on, DRL will dim and become position light).
    • Special brightness which less than 300 cd (candela) for specific region only.
    • DRL will automatically dim to become position when signal light is on. (need to connect with signal light).
  8. The settings of driver are as follows:
    • For DRL only: Connect wire C(white) to F(blue/white)
    • For DRL with position function: Connect wire D(blue) to F(blue/white)
    • For Special brightness< 300 candela: Connect both wire E(purple) together, and then connect wire C or D to F.
    • Connect wire B to signal light if you wish to dim the DRL to position light when you turn on the signal light.
  9. Find the ACC/Ignition power in engine room or inside of the car and connect the ground wire (black) to frame metal parts to create a ground circuit & connect the red wire to ACC/ignition. Then connect the wire A to the lighting system (position or head light) to enable you to switch off the DRL (DRL only) or dim DRL become position (DRL with position) when you turn on the lighting system(position or head light).
  10. Route the main harness properly in the engine room and connect to driver. Please bind all harnesses together so that they do not move around loosely, otherwise the harnesses may break or short circuit, and accidents, electric shocks or fire may occur.
  11. Connect the negative terminal with battery to retrieve power and turn on the ACC/ Ignition to see if the light is working properly or not.

Installation manual

Read these instructions before you do anything else. Incorrect installation will cause damage to your car. If you are unsure about any step in this installation, have your dealership or a professional mechanic install the products for you.

  1. Open the hood and disconnect the negative terminal of battery before installation. Make sure that lamps, air conditioner and other devices are switched off.
  2. Use the right tools for the purpose and size of the work to be done to ensure proper execution of the work.
  3. Remove the front bumper / bezel if necessary, and then install the lights to the proper positions firmly.
  4. Please make your own choice for the function you need and connect the wire accordingly and fix the driver firmly at the proper places such as splash panel, bumper, head light housing etc... It’s suggested installing away from engine area to prevent over heated.

The settings of driver & wire harness
A: Connecting wire A to light source (position/headlight….etc.) for switching DRL & position on/off/dim
B: Orange wire, Dim DRL to position when signal light is on – Connect to signal light
C: White wire, DRL function only               Choose one and connect to F    
D: Blue wire, DRL with Position                
E: Special brightness < 300 candela, for specific region only – Connect E together, then choose C or D and connect to F.


  • Day time running lights (DRL) are not a substitute for low beam at dawn/dust or during darkness.
  • It’s necessary to use driver before connecting 12 volts; otherwise, LED will be damaged!!!
  • The light lenses could be clouded when the outside temperature is cold; this is normal and should go away in warm weather.
  • According to ECE regulation, only two front position lights may be active. If the position light function is to be taken over by the LED lights, the standard position light must be deactivated.
  • Please install the light according to your local regulation.

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